The FINAL version of the programme is available here application/pdf (533.68 kB).

The programme reflects the growing interest in Data Science, an emerging discipline that requires statistical tools and methodologies.

With a number of talks and sessions (plenary, specialized contributed and posters), we hope to cover a wide range of the Data Science issues in Business and Industrial Statistics.

The invited speakers are

The plenary sessions are

  • Thursday 24 May, 11.50-13.20, Data visualization (Organizers: Antonio Pievatolo, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Simone Vantini and Grazia Vicario)
    • Visual Methaphors for Sense Making in (Big) Data Analysis, Paolo Ciuccarelli, DensityDesign Research Lab- Politecnico di Milano
    • Paving the Way into Predictive Modelling for Text and Functional Data, Volker Kraft, Sas Insitute/JMP Division
    • Interfaces for the Data City. Visual interfaces for urban data exploration, Marco Quaggiotto, ISI Foundation, Politecnico di Milano
  • Thursday 24 May, 17.00-18.30, The industrial perspective (Organizers: Paola Cerchiello, Biagio Palumbo and Simone Vantini)
    • Brilliant Factories … How the information business is revolutionizing industrial companies, Francesco Del Greco, Avio Aero
    • Intelligent Predictive Maintenance based on data collection for rolling stock in Railway Industry, Giuseppe Giannini, Hitachi Rail Italy
    • The Challenges of Used Car Pricing, Maurizio Rossi, Brumbrum
  • Friday 25 May, 11.20-12.50, The business perspective (Organizers: Paola Cerchiello, Biagio Palumbo and Simone Vantini)
    • Understanding Video Contents with Artificial Intelligence, Simone Bronzin, Metaliquid
    • Digital Transformation and Predictive Maintenance at Sirti, Vincenzo De Lisi, Sirti
    • From Anonymous Mobile Geolocation Data to Actionable Insights for Business, Carmelo Vecchio, Cuebiq
  • Friday 25 May, 16.00-17.30, The financial perspective (Organizers: Paola Cerchiello, Biagio Palumbo and Simone Vantini)
    • Data Science in large corporations, a real-world experience in the financial sector, Daniele Amberti, Intesa Sanpaolo
    • Empathy In Technology: Applied Data Science to Storytelling Personalization, Luca Bianchi, Neosperience
    • Portfolio risk management: a statistical analysis, Andrea Calvi, ModeFinance

The specialized sessions are

  1. Bayesian computation for Data Science (Organizer: Antonio Canale) 
  2. Eurostat (Organizer: Rosanna Verde)
  3. Monitoring and Quality Control (Organizers: Biagio Palumbo and Grazia Vicario)

A Panel Discussion will deal with the implementation of the Data Science Masters and Courses in the Italian Universities for sharing experiences and networking.  The confirmed speakers are

  • Marco Abate (Rappresentante CUN area1),
  • Monica Pratesi (Presidente della SIS-Società Italiana di Statistica),
  • Francesco Sanna (Rappresentante CUN area 13),

in addition to some presidents of Data Science Masters and Courses

  • Laura Sacerdote (TO), Luca Tardella (RM), Luca Bortolussi (TS), Silvia Salini (MI), Claudio Agostinelli (TN), Paolo Dai Pra (PD), Franco Caroti Ghelli and Dino Pedreschi (PI), Claudio Sartori (BO), Agostino Dovier (UD), Rosanna Verde (NA), Paolo Atzeni (GII).
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